Papeterie par Esme Winter jeune créatrice londonienne

Papeterie inspired by block printers of the past

Venez découvrir une nouvelle selection de cahiers, carnets et papiers à lettres signés Esme Winter, jeune créatrice londonienne. Un graphisme élégant aux inspirations années 30, des coloris doux et stylisés (aubergine, moutarde, gris bleuté…). et des petits prix: de 5 à 8 euros. C’est en ce moment chez Storie.

We’re really excited to have a stunning new line of papeterie in store by young London based designer Esme Winter. It’s her first range of note books and wrapping paper, and a very impressive debut. Using elegant repeat graphic designs, in cool one tone colours, Esme’s work has a hint of something nineteen thirties about it at the same time as being very modern indeed. All the products are 100% recycled and printed in London. Note books between 5 & 8 euros, in Storie now.

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