Poussins en Raku de Joanna Hair

Chicken Run !

Le printemps approchant, Storie célèbre la saison qui arrive avec une nouvelle installation de l’artiste sculpteur Joanna Hair. Une scène de basse-cour bucolique où Poussins, Poules et Coqs majestueux se régalent au grand air retrouvé et aux nouvelles graines de saisons. Ils nous ont même laissé quelques oeufs pour Pacques !

Joanna Hair est une sculptrice britannique travaillant et exposant en France depuis plus de 30 ans. Elle est renommée pour son bestiaire hors du commun, principalement en RAKU, bien qu’elle commence à explorer de nouveaux matériaux, et notamment le bronze.


Spring time is upon us, and celebrating the new season, Storie has a new sculpture installation in place by Joanna Hair. As the ice thaws, and we start to spot the first buds of spring Joanna has created a poetic garden scene, a chicken run with majestic raku cockerels, his brood of hens, chicks and eggs.

Joanna Hair is a British sculptor working and exhibiting here in France for over thirty years. She is renowned for her animal art, and primarily works in raku, although Joanna is currently exploring other mediums, such as bronze.

Q & A Joanna Hair

How did your art start?
Completely by chance, picked up a bit of clay and next thing I knew I was holding a hedgehog

Why animals?
Excellent question! I have no idea. But they’re much easier to do than people.

What attracts you to a subject, how do you get to know a subject?
The way they move. I watch them for hours , in fields and forests, in bio parks, vivariums, aquariums , zoos, on film, in the garden, on my lap in the house…

Explain why you work primarily in Raku, what are the highs and lows of using this medium.
It’s wonderfully unpredictable and every firing’s fireworks night! The lows are less frequent than the highs or I’d give it up.

What are the peculiarities of living and working as an artist in France?

I just live and work in France, I’ve never worked in England so I can’t compare and I’ve lived here all my adult life so there again I don’t have much to compare with. I’d say from talking to friends in England that things are a lot freer over here as far as rules and regulations are concerned. I’ve done raku firings in the centre of Paris for example, not sure I’d be able to do that in London!

What projects are you currently working on, and what would be your dream subject or project.?

At the moment, apart from the Easter chick Storie project, I’m working on an Very Alternative Circus for the ceramic museum in Malicorne (opening April 12th) and for a the Biennale d’Art Contemporain, a contemporary art show in Mortagne au Perche ( opening June 28th) which is also showing 23 paintings by Gustave Courbet. I’m lucky enough to have been chosen as the sculptor to show in the same space as Courbet so I’ll be presenting cows, sheep, horses and a few other domestic animals.

A dream project? A field full of Papou penguins running towards the spring!

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