Our hand made storie bags.

Des cartons pleins de jolies choses…….Boxes full of lovely stuff.

After so long dreaming, planning and plotting, Storie is suddenly seeming close to becoming a reality, a real shop. Wednesday was a little like Christmas at Rue Delambre, with boxes and deliveries from all over the world… a huge delivery from the clever people at Ay illuminate : trying to work out how best to hang these gorgeous lamps will keep us busy for a few days. A second packet of goodies from British designer Beshlie Mckevie arrived from far flung rural Devon, Storie was merrily prancing around the shop in her beautiful scarves and dresses when really we should have been doing the accounting. The nice man from Elam popped by with a box of his journals in hand made japanese decorative papers. What else… new arrivals from Finland, with design in felt and wood from Lovi and Verso… and we’re waiting for lots more in the coming days. Hopefully we can announce an opening day soon! Storie

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