Ay Illuminate chez Storie

Et la lumière fut.

Un studio de design néerlandais tirant son inspiration de la nature et de toute forme d’artisanat traditionnel.
Ils sont convaincus que ce dernier porte les gènes de notre identité culturelle, et travaillent avec des fabricants du monde entier pour développer leurs designs au plus proche des traditions artisanales.
Leur dernière collection propose des panières de sisal du Swaziland, du cotton d’Ethiopie tréssé main, et beaucoup de bambou… matière attractive et renouvelable qui pousse 3 fois plus vite qu’un arbre et dégage 30% d’oxygène en plus.


Ay illuminate is based in the Netherlands and produces it’s own lighting in several countries in Asia, Ethiopia and Swaziland. The designers of Ay illuminate are inspired by both nature and different cultures which is reflected in their use of organic shapes and natural (waste) materials combined with local handicraft expertise.
To get inspired the design team is working together with the local handcrafters. This allows us to get to know the natural materials available and the expertise of the handcraft. It is our way to discover the best solution to catch the unique beauty of different techniques.
New projects are the sisal nets from swaziland and handwoven cotton from Ethiopia.
Ay illuminate tries to contribute to the environment by focusing on bamboo in the latest model line-up. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows two times faster than a tree and releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere.


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